Support Us

People giving us donations tell us that they want to see their values reflected through their giving and to know their support is making a real impact on the lives of others.


What do we do with your support?

  • We make sure the funds donated to us are used in the best possible way.  Donors can be confident their contribution really makes a difference and the families we serve see a real impact.

Why are we needed?

  • In our small community we help around 500 children every year.
  • Waitlists grow ↑ each year, making it hard to reach all of the children.
  • Many families raising a child with a diagnosis or developmental challenges can’t afford the services needed, such as physiotherapy or occupational therapy.
  • Children with extra needs are often turned away at child care facilities without 1 on 1 support provided by us.
  • Dealing with challenges at an early age can prevent later services needed.
  • There is nowhere else to go for the families who need our services.
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