Do you have concerns or a complaint?

Do you have concerns or a complaint?

Talk to us


June Stewart, Executive Director

Nikki Wilson, Main Office 250-833-0164
Janie Nelson, Main Office 778-824-0450



Child Care Resource & Referral

Christine Ondang 250-832-4191
Amy Nuttall 778-824-0447
Debbie Sprieszl 778-824-0444​



Supported Child Development (SCD)
Darlene Toews 778-824-0437
Rachel Richardson 778-824-0436

Infant Development Program (IDP)
Penny Ogasawara 778-824-0440
Tammy Corston 778-824-0439

Occupational Therapy (OT)
Michele Onsorge 778-824-0438

Physiotherapy (PT)
Estera Hazlewood 778-824-0446

Early Years Family Navigator/Family Support
Pavlina Cannon 778-824-0453

FASD Key Worker
Nadine Moore 778-824-0443

The Nest, Autism Services/Behaviour Support Services
Leila Meyer 250-833-2794

The Loft/Respite Care
Tracey Morland 778-824-0435
Angelina VanderMeulen 778-824-0442


Complaint not resolved?

Call for information about contacting the Board of Directors 250-833-0164 ext 0

Complaint resolution not satisfactory?

Contact your local MCFD and ask to speak to a complaints specialist.

Phone 1-877-387-7027 to be connected with your local MCFD office.

See website for detailed information