Pediatric Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy

We support parents with concerns regarding the development of their children with pediatric physiotherapy and occupational therapy.

We believe that when children (ages 0 to school age) and their families need pediatric therapies:

  • support is best provided in the child’s natural environment
  • families are the decision makers in their children’s care
  • families set the goals for their children and are essential in meeting those goals
  • our services work best when family members are full participants in the therapy

Physiotherapy for Kids

We can help when parents have a concern regarding development in the areas of:

  • physical development
  • muscle tone
  • movement
  • balance
  • coordination
  • strength

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Occupational Therapy for Kids

We can help when parents have a concern regarding development in the areas of:

  • fine motor movement with objects; stacking blocks, threading beads, coloring, using scissors
  • hand use; grasp strength, printing, dexterity
  • gross motor skills; coordination, reflex, balance
  • playing and learning; attention levels, visual, social
  • self-care activities; sleeping, dressing, eating and hygiene
  • Toileting
  • Your child’s sensory concerns: sight, smell, touch, hear, taste, crowds
  • Finding funding for equipment; selecting and ordering special equipment

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Our therapy programs also support families with:

  • Helping you set goals for your children’s development and give recommendations to help meet your goals
  • Providing visits at your home, virtually, outside or in our centre
  • Improving development and/or quality of life by teaching your child new skills or ways of doing things
  • Providing families with ideas about the space they live in, play and aid that help achieve your goals
Pediatric Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy

Heads Up! – Positioning and Play

Please Note:

The above pamphlet was made for parents/guardians of children in the Shuswap region to view/print.