Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) Keyworker

Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) Keyworker - Starfish

What do we do?

  • Help families and professionals understand FASD
  • Ease the feelings of frustration for children/youth
  • Build on the strengths and victories of the children/youth and their families
  • Provide emotional and practical support, including at school
  • Help with diagnosis process; paperwork, reports and assessments
  • Provide workshops for families and professionals
  • Advocate for the family and the child/youth

Children who qualify are 0-19 years old and are:

  • Diagnosed with FASD or Complex Behavior Disorder
  • Waiting for a diagnosis for suspected FASD or Complex Behavior Disorder

What can we help with?

We can help you in a variety of ways:

  • Meet you at your home or at our office
  • Go through the assessment process and help with where to start
  • Suggest new methods for working with your child/youth
  • Lend you books, DVDs, and other material about FASD
  • Tell you about other services and resources
  • Connect you to other parents, and parent support groups

FASD Parent Support Group

The parent support group offers you a chance:

  • To talk to other parents who understand
  • To share ideas, information, challenges and successes
  • To learn practical strategies and have a better understanding
  • To feel supported, make friends and have some laughs

Date:  1st Wednesday of every month
Time:  6:30 to 8:30 pm
Where:  Shuswap Children’s, 240 Shuswap Street NE
Closed:  July, August and September


FASD Community Services we Provide:

  • Information and resources
  • Consultation, training and workshops
  • Facilitation at community meetings

Call: 250-833-0164 ext. 7  Email: keyworker@nullshuswapchildrens.ca