FREE $1,200 for children born in 2006 or later

FREE MONEY … the Shuswap Children’s Association endorses that this has no strings attached, it will cost the family absolutely nothing.

  • In our area 796 children have not signed up yet

Get $1,200 for FREE through the BC Training and Education Savings grant for;

  • BC children born in 2006 or later who have not yet turned 9 (babies to 9 yrs old)
  • Set up an RESP for FREE – no fee to open, no contributions ever required from the family!!
  • You will need your child’s social insurance number – don’t have it, visit Service Canada it’s free

PLUS eligible families can get up to $2,000 more through the Canada Learning Bond;

  • Is your net family income $45,282 or less?
  • Children born in 2004 or later (babies to 12 yrs old)
  • Can access these funds back to when your child was born (retroactive)
  • Minimum you can receive is $500 and it can be up to $2,000

  • Takes 10 minutes to complete
  • Toll free phone support 888-276-3624