Respite Care


Families raising children with special needs often have special demands on their time and resources.

The Respite Care Program supports families in maintaining their children at home by providing temporary relief from the daily responsibilities of caring for a child who is developmentally delayed.

Our Goal

The Respite Care Program wants to address the impact of a child’s condition on the family. We hope to provide child care, allowing parents the time to take necessary breaks from parental responsibilities, to meet personal and family obligations and to maintain their child with disabilities within the family home.

The Respite Care Program…

  • provides a safe, caring environment for the child
  • supports parents in maintaining their child at home
  • provides screened caregivers
  • allows parents time to pursue other family and personal relationships or to take breaks from parental responsibilities
  • provides flexibility in meeting both the individual needs of the child and the needs of the family

The Benefits of the Respite Care Program

  • families maintain their child with disabilities in the family home
  • families have increased time to foster healthy relationships with other family members
  • families have increased time to meet their family responsibilities
  • families are confident their children are well cared for

Children who qualify for the Respite Care Program are 0-18 years and are diagnosed with:

  • mental handicaps
  • autism or autism spectrum
  • physical handicaps that qualify them for service from the At Home Program


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